12 Proven ways to grow your Saas startup with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Software development technology is taking the world by storm. Apps either on the web or on mobile application platforms are being developed every day. 

The growth of SAAS companies is skyrocketing with several service app products on the web today. 

With this inflow of service app products, how do you then grow your startup SAAS company with a marketing strategy that works? Simple! Use Facebook Ads. Facebook ads do work! 

The technique and required information to grow your SAAS start-up with Facebook ads is quite a technical and strategic one. This is why we have prepared this for you. This is a complete guide on what works when considering Facebook to making your service product purchase and subscription skyrocket. 

Why SAAS Start-ups Should Use Facebook?

The online community is a large and voluminous market. The globalization of Facebook makes it a hub for the push of service software to make a lot of revenue. However, with the large community and the ambiguity of the global market, it is very difficult to find your niche and take a stand as a start-up. 

So, will Facebook Ads boost your start-up? Yes!  

grow Saas startup with Facebook Ads

The utilization of Facebook Ads to boost your SaaS sales is perfect for several reasons. This advertisement strategy first of all is not ambiguous in its direction. Once you do proper research and understand your target demographic, Facebook Ads work to direct your product to the direct customers. 

The algorithm work to push advertisements towards the interested age group or customer base due to data on frequent search, interests, and personal profiles. 

Also, compared to Instagram or Twitter, or any other social media platform, Facebook is used by everyone, both rich and middle-class. The number of users on the application at every single minute spans towards millions globally. You get the assurance that your software product is reaching millions of people at a time. The effect of this is increased engagement, especially for start-ups. 

The advantage of Facebook as a platform that merges demographic reach and significant population pool, is what makes it ideal for start-ups. 

Despite the advantages of using Facebook ads, if you do not have an idea of how to utilize the opportunity set before you well, there is a possibility of failing. 

There are tips and tricks on the most effective proven Ways to.boost your SaaS startup sales with Facebook Ads

Proven Ways To Boost Sales With Facebook Ads

The 12 proven Ways which are guaranteed to work in enhancing sales with Facebook ads are given as follows;

  1. Understand Your Target

When you begin with ads, it’s very easy to get swarmed up in trying to find the right audience or the right strategy to use. Offering a 7 days free trial or using the ‘free’ market strategy might earn you a few clicks but it won’t offer good conversions. When people see the “free” tag on your software service, they will click to find out more.

However, once that page to input a credit card comes up, all interest is lost. How do you combat this problem? It is easy. Try as much as possible to understand our real audience. Monitor your ads. Change slogans and try putting up real information about your software rather than misleading free trials.

This way you get to understand who your real customers are and why they click.

  2. Create A Custom Audience

grow Saas startup with Facebook Ads

The moment you have an idea about the slogans and strategies that work and get adequate data on the demography of the conversions, you can now use such information to customize your audience.

This will save you ample time and less investment will be spent on ambiguous advertisements and more on real-time revenue and subscription driving advertisement. Facebook Pixel is the number one platform for your website to custom your audience.

  3. Pitch Good Content

Understanding the audience is one thing, but passing across good content so that you can guarantee that the right market is accessing your service is another. Do not create colorful adverts with no sense of purpose and empty promises.

Ensure that the content put up is great content that defines your service in the right manner. Explaining the value you serve in a few words or using visuals is hard but possible.

Not everyone is looking for filler animation with false advertisement. Your target is one that will convert with the right content and value introduced to them.  

  4. Free Plans

Ecommerce platform for selling Books

Offering 14-day trials or 7-day trials may hurt your business conversions and will lead to misleading clicks without conversions. But free plans are the perfect strategy to go with when starting your SaaS business. Offer free plans for newcomers and include features that will make the hooked but keep detailed technical advantages from this plan.

The point of having a free plan is enabling customers and users to get a feel of the service and the value it offers without them feeling obligated to forcefully input their credit card details. The restrictions in a free plan should be developed in such a way that it keeps a user interested enough to want to subscribe to a full paid plan.

Take, for example, SaaS businesses like Canva, Squarespace, and WordPress. Most of their customers are quite taken with the free plan but as they use the web software service, the need to upgrade and pay for the value provided becomes eminent. 

  5. Exclude Redundancies 

The first click is important to every potential customer. The landing page from clicking the Facebook link should contain no redundancies. Remove any unnecessary lengthy website information. If your software service has any form of ad attached to this page, REMOVE IT.

Never let redundancy chase your conversions away. Keep your landing page clear and straight to the point. Increase web speed. Do not have any form of redirection to any form of external advertisements. Any redundancy swerves the attention of your clients and reduces the chances of making conversions.

  6. Visuals

grow Saas startup with Facebook Ads

The best thing about Facebook ads is how a simple eyecatching picture or GIF can go an absolute long way in providing your target conversion funnel with enough information in a matter of seconds.

One way to effectively optimize your business presence on Facebook is by using visuals. Do not just focus on putting up good content but try as much as possible to pair god content with engaging visuals.

Display the charisma your website has by adding the right amount of graphic dramatic effect. Although this depends on the nature of your product, video ads do sell better than nonvideo ads.

Introducing your SaaS product in the most interactive way with visuals either by graphics or videos or gifs will give you the attention only worded ads cannot give.

  7. The Case-Study Strategy

The best way to get more customers is by spreading testimonies from past customers. This is the summarized definition of using the case study strategy. Using current user testimonies to drive others to join your service works!

Take Skillshare, for example, the use of user testimonies and history is what makes the SaaS company unique. Nothing moves people more than people. Positive reviews will have good effects on the sale of your software service, especially when utilized in an ad. 

 8. Use Side Projects

grow Saas startup with Facebook Ads

Like how websites provide information through blogs and infuse their product and service within to draw in their customers, using side projects to draw in your clientele works the same way.

Take CoScheduler for instance, the ads on Facebook depict a way for customers to solve the headline problem while their service is target towards SEO management. The headline analyzer side project draws in clicks, visitation, and an avenue to get information concerning their customer base.

The use of side projects convinces your audience of your expertise and ability to offer a free service, instilling trust. It’s kind of how the free plan works. But with a different approach. 

  9. Direct Linking

The thing with ads is that it only provides a fraction of information in fast-moving visuals and few action words. How you direct your customers to your website is quite important. Depending on the structure of the service your software offers, the linking words should be coined accordingly.

Either you are using “Learn More”, “Sign Up For Free” or “Book Now” should be largely dependent on how the Facebook ad is designed. If you provide custom solutions that largely require interactions, “Book An Appointment” or “Book Now” will be sufficient. When your ad is only a snippet of your website service offers, “Learn More” is usually the sensible choice.

If you want a customer to directly signup without wasting time, directly leading them to sign up is appropriate. Therefore, there is no one-way structure to the linking from your Facebook ad to your target audience, it all depends on your Facebook Ad.

  10. Limited Offers

Limited offers are a typical case of “this deal is too good to be true, don’t let it go” strategy. Humans are always looking for the best deals to pay miserly for. Using the limited offer caption presents the Facebook Ad as a promotional exclusive product. This drives customers to make the conversion, especially at a good deal.

Developing a good limited offer plan, taking into cognizance the time frame and percentage price reduction. It is wonderful to have your Facebook ad conversions through the use of limited offers, but it is also important to note the level at which this strategy will affect the revenue generation and ROI.

Low offers must have restrictions and a timeline to salvage the best profit.

  11. Retargeting

Target facebook ads

One widespread method that has proven to work to grow your startup with Facebook ads is retargeting. This is simply focusing on the lost customers who clicked but did not convert.

This is possible through website cookies that store information on people’s activity on your website. Monitoring the activities on your website from traffic to purchase and sales trends using Facebook Pixel is a way of turning the tables around. This way you can study the users and determine the weak links and the revenue drivers.

Restrategizing using this information and retargeting the right customer base is why companies and brands are keen on Retargeting.

  12. Strategy Development

No matter whatever way you decide to use to make your Facebook ad work, sales will never pick up spontaneously. It is very vital to the success of your business to understand the strategies in place and develop a well-thought-out plan.

SaaS companies do not have the opportunity to belong to an app store like mobile app services do. Therefore, the driving forces have to be powerful external platforms like Facebook Ads. Monitoring the differently proven ways and analyzing what works meticulously gives you a huge advantage in the market. 


Growing SaaS startups is not an easy task and takes both time and patience. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to build up an audience from scratch. Take time to study popular Software businesses with high-level ROIs and a name to their brand. Consider the strategies and the ways their Facebook Ads are designed.

Understanding your competitors’ strategies will aid in building up your own personal SaaS business. Startups are quite fragile in their growth margin, so do not expect a miracle to occur immediately.

Patience is ultimately required by building your startup from the ground up. There are so many challenges that will resurface with Facebook Ads. But in every challenge and set back, there is a lesson to be learned. 

Learn each proven step and the advantage each of them offers to your business. Get the external opinion and try to develop a plan before diving deep into the market. The best way to beat the competition is by understanding the way their ad works and find the loopholes within the twelve ways described above. Making a successful SaaS business out of a strat up through Facebook ads is possible!

Let these twelve ways guide your decisions and secure your continuous skyrocketing return on investment.

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