How to get into saas sales

What does the term SaaS Sale mean? SaaS Sale is the procedure that involves the selling of different Software to customers through an online platform. SaaS products’ business prospects require some education or training from sales representatives before making their purchase.

This is because the SaaS product is more complex to use as compared to a physical product. Interesting, right? In this article, I will inform you all you need to know about SaaS sales jobs.

How do I break into SaaS sales?

Do you have the desire to break into the SaaS Sales industry, that is, breaking into the tech business without doing any technical or coding? Well, I am here to help you understand it all. Business programming organizations require substantial agents to sell the product that star engineers are creating.

Furthermore, the agents can get compensated similarly just as the bits linger – regularly more when adding commissions and a fixed base salary. More often than not, sales rep work for ordinary 40-hour weeks. I will show you how to Break into SaaS sales. Follow these simple steps. 

  • Identify whom you desire to work with or for

Ever heard of job search engines? Well, there are big job search engines while others are not as popular. Huge job search engines include Monster and Indeed, among others.

One ought to ensure that they create an Ideal Company Profile to ensure that they get contacted by only the companies they are interested in. The profile should include the number of employees, location, ideal target industry of your employer, and the amount of money it pays.

In addition, it is essential to list the goals of the company, how the sales team operates as well as the structure of the comp. I can promise you beyond doubt that these disciplines will enable you to land the right job position.

  • Prospect for occupations just like a real Sales star

People tend to write resumes in an almost uniform manner as the formatting is the same. Therefore, it is difficult to tell the difference of a person’s capability in the job from the other through reading through the resume.

Hiring managers are able to get the applications sorted out through the help of Applicant Tracking Systems, where the selection is made based on filters criteria such as keywords, among others. Select your keywords, right!

The hustle does not end there. Step out of your comfort zone. Identify the decision-makers of the company you want to work with, contact them through email, and express that you are aware of the challenges of the company and request for an interview.  

This could maybe help the manager point out that you are crafted, and no curriculum vitae or cover letter can allow you to portray skills in real-life situations.

  • Identify the skills, workflows, and tools that SaaS Sales Managers are searching for

how to get into saas sales

Before landing into a job, you will be taken through a series of job interviews that are usually three or four. The interview panel may question you on whether you know some of the things I have mentioned below. Acquaint yourself with them!

Do you have the skill? They may ask you what you would do with a prospect in a given stage in the midst of a sales process and the reason behind it.

I will be honest with you; real-world situations you may be asked to touch on could be somewhat challenging, and I will let you know why. It is simple! The software just happens to be a complex product as compared to physical products, yet the niche has so many competitors, and you must be in a position to “fight” back. 

On the off chance that you’ve worked in another business-to-business (B2B) selling job and have aced a large portion of these aptitudes, programming deals could be characteristic progress for you.

What are the Tools I need you to identify? The tools are the numerous sales applications that the sales personnel utilize to be as proficient and compelling as could reasonably be expected.

There are about fifteen tools across six classifications that software SaaS sales personnel use in and about their daily activity, and they include; artificial intelligence, sales engagement, productivity, CRMs, lead enrichment, lead generation.

The interviewer may randomly ask you to present a demonstration of yourself using some of the tools to perform key tasks. Therefore, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with all these tools before showing up to an interview as your job will require the implementation of all of the mentioned tools.

You are aware that SaaS sales are not carried out physically but instead via telephone, email, and video gathering, Right? Business revolving around Software is usually long and could even take weeks for them to be complete.

Know the workflow Then again; ideally, you see why even veteran sales reps from different enterprises regularly battle to get software sales occupations. 

Is SaaS Sales a good career?

get into saas sales

I know that this is a question that is in your mind now that you have heard about what it takes to break into the industry of SaaS sales.

Well, yes. SaaS sales are a good career to venture into for anyone engaging themselves in sales right now. It does not matter whether one intends to make SaaS sales transactions over the long term or the short term; the overall experience is thrilling.

In the SaaS sale niche, one will definitely learn the principles of modern sales. Even though one is new to the industry, they eventually learn and get the hang of it. Start with the basics and proceed to technicalities, such as learning how to selling based on value and learning how to reach busy buyers.

There are several SaaS sales positions that one may get involved in, including;

  • Sales engineer

  • Sales operations

  • VP of sales

  • Sales manager

  • A post-sales account manager

  • Outside sales rep

  • Sales development rep

SaaS is exploding and showing no sign of slowing down. Look at the marketing technology landscape alone, which keeps getting larger every year.  One may start as a simple Sales development rep and advance to become the topmost on the ladder.

Let nobody tell you no to joining SaaS sales because you are just about to get into a fast-growing business. Some say that the niche is crowded, but in a real sense, I would say that it is just a competitive kind of business.

How does an old guy get a job in SaaS sales?

It is possible for old people to get jobs in SaaS sales. Old people can make good CEOs because they have had experience in the business. Their way of handling issues is likely to be more informed.

Is Sales a dead-end job?

What is a dead-end job? A dead-end job is one where there are minimal chances of advancing into a highly paid career. In my opinion, it is not a dead-end job because, in sales, salaries are usually accompanied by commissions.

The SaaS sales salary is accompanied by the commission. Therefore, one is not bound to earning a fixed amount monthly. The efforts of the salesperson are what determines the end result. In addition, there is room for career advancement. 

How do I get a sales job with no experience?

A sales job can be done without having past experience in the niche; I mean, there is always a starting point, right?

However, there are certain things that one needs to pay attention to and adhere to so that they can manage to pass the interview. Do not worry about other competitors’ jobs who may have experience in the job; you may outdo them, who knows?

Here are some of the tips that you may apply as you prepare to begin your sales job without experience.

  • Accept to start at the bottom

Even though you had a higher position in your previous career, be humble enough to be willing to begin at the bottom. This will equip you with the necessary skills you may need, and eventually, you will get the hang of it.

  • Get to build a network

Show up at network buildings events. This may help you to land a job faster by interacting with many people.

  • Point out your transferrable skills

This is where you let your employers know that you have some background information concerning the field of sales. 

  • Do some research, study a bit

Prior to showing up on job interviews, one ought to have a rudimentary knowledge of sales and manage to eloquently fulfill the philosophy of sales.

  • Let them know that you did your research

When you finally show up at the interview, 

How to sell a software product?

Here are some of the basic steps I recommend that one should follow in order to successfully sell software products. 

  • Find your target market

Invest as much energy as you have to know the individuals that will purchase your item, their inspirations, their method of looking for data, their language, their cycle. This is a powerful method to speak with them.

  • Proceed on to outline your objectives

Clearly state what you want to achieve in the long run; it will help you to achieve your purpose.

  • Generate your offer

Ensure that your offer is appealing to your potential customer. This could be a demo, webinar, or an e-book, among others. 

  • Outline the process

Organize the order of activities you are going to take in each step.

  • Publicize using blog

This will offer visibility to your product and your proposal as well. Attempt to post various sorts of items that interest your likely clients in each progression of the cycle.

  • Post on your social media handles 

Use social media that your target audience is more likely to be using.

  • Make use of keywords

This will ensure that clients locate you with much ease.

  • To your URL, Add tracking codes

This will enable one to analyze important information such as the contacts, the origin of your websites, and the sales.      

  • Keep track of your actions and take notes

This is by use of tools of SeRanking, where one can acquire some information on everyone that gains access to one’s website. 

Best SaaS sales certification/training

how to get into saas sales

When picking a sales training program, one ought to pay attention to the following rules; price, length, focus, target audience, and the location of the training center. No one wants to enroll in a program that is too far away or one they cannot afford.

I have listed some training programs that offer lessons, and upon completion, they provide SaaS sales certification to act as proof of completion of studies. They include 

  • OfferCraft – The Game is On
  • Everbridge – Live Training Delivered On-Site
  • ForceManager – Customized by Platform
  • Montage – Training Delivered in its Own App
  • Passport – Training the Trainer
  • Udemy
  • Cousera


As I conclude, these are some of the things I have discussed in the above article exhaustively; 

  • SaaS sale is not crowded but competitive.   
  • The Simplest approach to tell if your tech organization has confidence in its item is promoting a financial plan. You just need to sell SaaS items that have great showcasing/publicizing behind them.
  • Join SaaS sales now; you got all the necessary information that requires you takes.


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