10 Best Student Planner App in 2020

best student planner app 2020

Studying and juggling between many tasks and assignments is never really easy. To do a great job while at the same time minimizing confusion, you need to tap into the  Best Student Planner App. The best app of this kind has to organize and notify you of your impending schedules with utmost accuracy.


To find the best student planner app, factor in the following considerations:

  • Amount of Workflow

How much work do you plan to handle per unit time? The app you settle on has to accommodate this workflow exceptionally well. For that to happen, you must see to it that the operational speeds of the app are able to handle the amount of workflow smoothly.

  • Scope (Tasks to be regulated)

The kinds of tasks you want to regulate must also be of concern to you. Your app must be in the position to tackle those tasks as nearly as can be. Be sure to delineate the kinds of tasks you have first and foremost before proceeding to search for a suitable pick.

  • Expertise

Your own expertise must come in handy. You must first of all assess your own expertise before proceeding to narrow to a suitable choice. Needless to say, you have to settle for that app that falls well within your own level of expertise and comprehension.

  • Platform

These apps are compatible with different platforms. The app you choose to work with has to be compatible with the platform of your choice and subsequent leverage. If possible, it must also be compatible with the three main platforms i.e. the iOS, Android, and desktop platforms respectively.

  • Connectivity Options

To enable the ease of sharing of the information, you have to settle for an app that shares and distributes the data in ways that are smoother and easier. For this to be assured, the app of choice has to be compatible with the wireless fidelity connectivity alongside other features.

10 Best Study Planner Apps in 2020

We now care to explain the 10 best study planner apps that may do you some good at the moment:

1:  My Study Life

best student planner app 2020

My Study Life ranks top of all the student planner apps we have in store for you. That is mainly given its compatibility with the iOS and Android platforms. Then again, it is free to access as it does not require any subscription or download fees from you at all.

Outstanding Features

  • Clear and legible display dashboard
  • Weekly schedule template
  • Notification bell and periodic reminders

Top Benefits

  • Displays all the pending assignments on the dashboard
  • Prevents you from forgetting the lined up tasks
  • Gives forth a template for you to customize
  • Relatively simpler to make do with
  • Quite comprehensive in the overall scope

2:  Egenda

best student planner app 2020

Like the My Study Life app above, Engenda is also free to download from Google Play and the Apple app store. It is similarly compatible with the Android and the iOS platforms seamlessly. Use this one to build your schedules and keep track of them in ways that are smooth and hassle-free.

Outstanding Features

  • Physical agenda book
  • Color-coding
  • Organizational feature
  • Reminder and notification button
  • Clearly legible interface

Top Benefits

  • Handles many tasks like tests, quizzes, projects, and homework assignments
  • Greatly minimizes mistakes and oversights
  • Highlights and color-codes different schedules and tasks
  • Delivers timely reminders and schedules
  • Accepts inputs via your personal handwriting

3: Todait

best student planner app 2020

Are you the kind of person who easily gets sidetracked when studying? If at all you are, this is the app we would recommend for you. It is available for free and is compatible with both the Android and the iOS platforms. Then again, it gives you the option to purchase some in-app resources.

Outstanding Features

  • Simple to-do list tool
  • Prompt timer
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Legible display unit
  • Effective numbering system

Top Benefits

  • Mutes notifications from the other apps
  • Sets the times when the tasks are to be performed
  • Keeps accurate track of the time spent
  • Displays the metrics in clearly legible graphs
  • Prioritizes tasks on the basis of the set forth criteria

4: Chipper


Have issues to do with time management? The Chipper app is there for you! Its design and overall functionality are such that it manages the time appropriately and keenly for you. To add to that, the app is also easier and free to download. It is also compatible with the Android and the iOS platforms exceptionally well. 

Outstanding Features

  • Multi-tools
  • Built-in schedule
  • Timer
  • Study timer
  • Unique reward mechanism

Top Benefits

  • Improves your time management skills greatly
  • Possesses many tools for you to leverage
  • Organizes numerous tasks in ways that are truly effective
  • Handles many classroom-related tasks and undertakings
  • Delivers prompt and timely reminders when the same is due

5: Power Planner

best student planner app 2020

Of all the apps we have around, this appears to be the most comprehensive. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. Then again it gives you the leeway to upgrade its features with time. That is over and above managing your exams over and above the normal classroom tasks.

Outstanding Features

  • Periodic updates
  • GPA calculator
  • Paid/premium version
  • Timely notifications
  • Extra-large handling capacity

Top Benefits

  • Keeps accurate track of your GPA
  • Displays the exams and assignments
  • Computes and showcases your GPA scores
  • Handles more grades than other planners
  • Issues timely notifications of any impending schedules

6: myHomework


Just in case you consistently get behind completing and submitting your homework, you want to tap into this app. It is specifically intended for the facilitation of the homework and other take-away assignments. Also, it is compatible with the desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. A premium version that goes for $4.99 per year also exists.

Outstanding Features

  • Greatly simplified version
  • Offline operations
  • Highly versatile
  • Multiple themes
  • Timely reminders

Top Benefits

  • Quite useful for e-learning instructions
  • Tackles the time-based schedules well
  • Attaches files to assignments
  • Assigns different themes to different tasks
  • Categorizes and prioritizes tasks keenly

7: iStudiez

best student planner app 2020

Some units of study demand that you keep constant track with the instructors. It is only a matter of fairness that the app you choose to work with allows for that. We welcome you to this iStudiez. You will download it from Google Play and the Apple app store. Also, it works well on the desktop platform and enables a premium upgrade.

Outstanding Features

  • “Week view”
  • “Day view”
  • GPA tracker
  • Color coding
  • Easy-to-use icons

Top Benefits

  • Highly rated for efficacy and performance
  • Highlights and codes tasks for you to clearly see
  • Schedules tasks a week in advance
  • Keeps a keen eye on your GPA scores
  • Holds the information from semester to semester

8: Calendly


Intent on studying as a group or holding joint discussions? If at all you are, we would wish to draw your attention to this Calendly app. It is designed to greatly simplify the task of scheduling classes and discussions with groups and individuals alike. The app is also compatible with both the desktop and the iOS platforms. A premium upgrade also exists for your added convenience of use.

Outstanding Features

  • Seamless connectivity
  • Round-robin or collective scheduling (paid version)
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Interactive dashboard and display unit
  • Task schedules

Top Benefits

  • Connects with the digital calendars
  • Assigns tasks to the various interlocutors
  • Manages meetings and tasks
  • Hooks up individuals and groups for the meetings
  • Cuts down on the time that may be lost

9: Microsoft To Do

Microsoft student planner app

The Microsoft To-Do comes free of charge for any Microsoft account. You may also download it for free from the Apple app store and Google Play. It is compatible with the desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. Its purpose is mainly to remind the scholars of the impending tasks and any skipped assignments.

Outstanding Features

  • “Work,” “Home,” or “Lab”
  • “My day”
  • “Yesterday” box
  • Modern and inspiring designs
  • Dark mode

Top Benefits

  • Reminds you of any skipped tasks
  • Schedules your tasks better
  • Manages the workflows smoothly
  • Segregates tasks for easier classification and retrieval
  • Comes about in lots of inspiring designs

10: Todoist

best student planner app 2020

Handle and tackle many projects at the same time? Your best bet lies in this Todoist student planner app. It doubles up as a project planner and a ‘to-do list’ in one go. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and desktop platforms. You may choose to leverage the free version or upgrade to the premium version.

Outstanding Features

  • Project planner
  • Due date
  • Task reminder
  • To-do list
  • Task Labels

Top Benefits

  • Multipurpose plans projects and schedules the tasks at one go
  • Suitable for use by students and executives alike
  • Useful within the school and at work
  • Accepts important details and keeps accurate track of them
  • Handles the school projects and the hobbies as well


We now take a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the best student app 2020 topic:

Q1. What is the best planner app for college students?

The Power Planner it is!

It is a simple and really easy schedule to tap into. Also, it finds wider applicability in almost all levels of education, ranging from middle school through to high school and eventually college. The app also touches on just about every other aspect of a typical learning process.

These include reminiscing of the class times, tracking of the tests, and management of the class assignments. Your choice of this app hence negates the need for you to look up to other apps to stay afloat in class.

Lastly, it also works on the iOS and Android platforms respectively. Need we add that it is available in both the free and the premium versions?

Q2. How do you use a study planner app?

The exact steps you take to use the study planner app depends mainly on the precise nature, design, and configuration of the app at hand. Nonetheless, there are some unifying procedures you may have to take to use yours.

Most will demand that you first and foremost key in your class schedules and that of the upcoming assignments. The app then goes ahead to generate the class schedules as well as an organizational calendar that keeps your upcoming tests, assignments, and classes on the schedule.

Further to the above, the app also generates a clean list of the homework and the upcoming tests to make the same easier for you to remember. By adhering to the app’s schedule, the chances of you missing out on those tasks are severely limited or cut down by a considerable margin.

Q3. How can I make my study timetable effective?

Follow the steps below to make your study timetable effective:

  • Delineate and properly position your academic goal upfront
  • Schedule the upcoming tasks more than a week beforehand
  • Activate the notification bell to stay abreast of the tasks ahead
  • Maintain some consistency as you follow the schedules
  • Refrain from overwhelming or overloading yourself

Q4. How do I study like crazy?

To study like crazy, follow the steps stipulated below:

  • Avoid listening to music in the meantime; that is to enable you to focus wholly on the studies
  • Turn off your phone and stay away from social media
  • Start with first things first i.e. attempt those assignments that are due first before proceeding to the next, and so on.
  • On the same note, prioritize the harder tasks first and the simpler later
  • Take breathers in between to keep you from burning out
  • Organize your notes for the sake of easier following
  • Plan way ahead of time how you are going to read and tackle the assignments


Having belabored the apps and the procedures you may follow to make your study time a breeze, we now expect you to do a great job, overall. All you have to do now is follow the steps we have outlined above faithfully to accrue the necessary awesome ends.

It is a bit mean for you to enjoy the benefits that come along single handedly. That is why passing this information on to the others that need it makes perfect sense. So, when exactly do you plan to set out? And who else will you be sharing this information with?

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